Biomodd [NYC4]

Biomodd is a multifaceted socially engaged project that finds meaningful relationships between biology, computers and people. On the most basic level, Biomodd creates symbiotic relationships between plants and computers, and ignites conversations among the community around them.

Thank you to Angelo Vermeulen, Biomodd team, and the SEADS network.
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Bruno Kruse: Game Design, Unity, Arduino, Sensor Fusion

The structure is also equipped with a multiplayer game. Collect resources within the game world to power the robotic caretakers within in the sculpture. The plants within feed off the computers waste heat while playing and help cool them down in the process.

Biomodd [NYC4] was commissioned by curator Steve Dietz for the art show 'ReGeneration' at the New York Hall of Science in NYC. Community building around the project started in late 2011, and the final result of the project was on display from October 2012 till January 2013. For this monumental project Biomodd collaborators from Belgium, the Netherlands and the Philippines joined the team in NYC. This particular Biomodd version used the ‘spaceship’ as a metaphor for its physical integration in the architecture of NYSCI. The goal for Biomodd [NYC4] was to create a system in which there’s a two-way communication between living biology, and the virtual world running on the computer network.

Angelo Vermeulen, Ben Garthus, Jason Gaspar, Marco Antonio Castro, Bruno Kruse, Katherine Moriwaki, Karla Calderon, Nisma Zaman, Lucas Caesens, Hannah Pinson, Steffi Sturm, Claude Oprea, Michael Cosaboom, Aisen Caro Chacin, Bernardo Schorr, Claude Mark Wilson, Eric Siegel, Jason Gaspar, Joohee Park, Joseph Volpe, Lola Ye, Maria Mendez, Noa Dolberg, Steffi S, Steve Dietz, Taezoo Park, Tamara Sabler, Tian Xie, Vivian Xu, Zach Smart, Angelo Vermeulen, students of The School of Art, Media and Technology at Parsons, participants of Immigrant